30 Day Challenge - Desktop Tracker

So I have decided to tackle Jillian Michaels 30 day shred in order to make myself suffer (and maybe lose some weight). I didn't like the style of calendars I saw on Pinterest for this purpose so I decided to make my own that is generic yet beautiful to look at and desk top sized. This tracker is 5120 x 2880 which fits 27in Macs and below. If you need help with another size let me know.

There is a trick to using this as a tracker. There might be a simpler way, but this is how I get the little hearts that cover up each day.  These instructions are for Mac. Get Windows instructions here.

  1. Head on over to Iconfinder and pick out an icon you like.  Save it as a .PNG to your desktop. (Or download the one I used here). PNG preserves the transparency so you won't get any ugly white or black backgrounds.
  2. Put that image in a new empty folder. So its easy to find.
  3. Open the image in preview and it Edit -> Select All -> Copy.
  4. Right click on the folder we just made and select Get Info.
  5. Click the mini version of the boring folder icon so that it is high lighted.
  6. Go to Edit->Paste. Your folder should now look like your picture.
Any time you want to cover up a day, right click and select duplicate. You'll need a unique name for every new icon. I use spaces so that it looks cleaner. You do have to use a different amount of spaces each time to count as unique.  

If you're icons look too small, right click-->Show View Options. And move the icon size slider as desired.

When you're done with your tracker, just delete all the little hearts by dragging your mouse across the screen to select them all and moving them into the trash. 

This totally isn't ideal BUT it works and I think it's pretty. So if you'd like to have it too, download below!

Sand Cloud VIP Box Review - #savethefishies

So lately I've been engaging in hour long instagram browsing sessions.  During these times there are two online stores that I continuously see ads about - Sand Cloud.  Normally, I get mildly annoyed with seeing the same ads over and over for products I can't afford so I never really looking into it much but recently, I bought a couple things because I'll be honest, they do have super cute stuff.  I thought I would do a review of the products today and share some discount codes(!!) with y'all.

Let's talk Sand cloud.
Sand cloud is a company that I think originally started making turkish-style (the really thin-easily traveled with) towels.  Now they have tshirts, hoodies, long sleeved shirts, water bottles, and some jewelry items.  They focus on feminine and boho designs usually featuring at least one of three themes - tie-dye, zen-tangle, and/or sea life,

The best part about Sandcloud is 10% of every purchased is donated to charities that help marine conservation. #SaveTheFishies is their whole thing.  Charities donated to include Marine Conversation Institute, Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and more.  Shirts ranged from $28 to $48, Towels are around $50 but you can get an XL version for more. They have a glass water bottle with a cute wooden screw top that is on sale for $28. It's one of their best selling items. They are always offering sales of some amount or another and you can find discount codes everywhere (including one in this blog!). They also have a rewards program where you earn points per dollar spent and can cash them in on future purchases. You can also rack up points by sharing on facebook and following them on instagram. It's super easy to earn $5 towards a purchase.

Recently, they launched a VIP box which I decided to try out. The VIP box is a monthly shipment that retails for $30. Downside to that price is you aren't able to use your reward points or discount codes. It's still a great deal. It comes with a long sleeved shirt (although it might switch to tshirts as summer is coming) and a pair of socks.  Some claimed theirs came with a keychain or button pin but mine did not. I did however receive a few cute promo stickers. Here's what I got:
A post shared by jamie.goes.places 🦀 (@ambassador.jamie) on
March's theme was a polar bear. I wasn't honestly stoked about this when I heard as I recently moved to Savannah and it's not quite polar bear season well...ever. However, I actually loved this design as soon as I saw it. The sunset colors are gorgeous and it doesn't feel too winter-y. If you've had long sleeved shirts (or hoodies) that are unisex adult sizes and are usually sold with like school emblems or something. This shirt fits like those but is an ever-so-slightly thinner material. It features the pretty design on the back and the circular sand cloud logo on the front. The socks are thick like well-made thick not make-your-feet-sweat thick and they actually fit me a lot better than other tube socks do.  I wear a size 11. I did see some people with like size 7 and 8 feet complaining that they were a tad big on them, so keep that in mind if that's something you're picky about.

For transparency, let me just say that I am an affiliate, and I do get points/commission if you buy from their site using my links or codes or whatever. BUT. I literally am obsessed with this site and everything on it. I'm a member of the private rep group and this company is super involved with keeping customers and reps up to date on launches, constantly coming up with new products, and educating/facilitating things like beach cleanups. It's seriously the coolest thing to see. I've never been a part of such a positive community.  They are based in CA which tragic because I would definitely like to get more involved with the company if they were in the southeast. Either way, I've already been inspired to do my own mini-beach cleanup and I'm becoming more aware of the single-use items I use that I could do away with (#saynotostraws).

You don't just have to live on the beach to buy things from here. But loving animals is recommended. If you're done ready and ready to check out their awesome merch you can CLICK HERE to go to their website.  And if you'd like to save %15 off your purchase, use the code JAMIEADA15

Leave a comment with your an item on your sandcloud wishlist!
Curious as to what's on mine? - this shirt is number one, the water bottle linked above, this awesome aztec blanket, and the silver whale tale ring. And probably a lot more tbh. xD

P.S. I live 20 minutes from the beach now?! so stay tuned for more beachy posts. :)

Choosing an Engagement Ring

Have you met the one? Is it time for you to pop the question? But choosing the right spot to ask or perhaps the easiest method to ask your beloved to marry you isn't the hardest part.  No, hard part is selecting the morganite engagement rings you'll use. Why is selecting a diamond ring such a challenge? For one, it's the component of surprise. Although this creates an unforgettable and romantic moment, additionally, it puts more pressure because it is a symbol of starting a lifetime together.
Selecting the ring which will end up being the first step toward the wedding set isn't any small task, therefore it may come as no real surprise that lots of people discover the procedure overwhelming. However the insightful choice shouldn't stop you from proposing. Here's we've discussed the entire process of selecting diamond engagement rings to make it simpler that people select a ring which will end up part of their Happily Ever After.

Throughout selecting a ring you'll make numerous decisions. So it's smart to set some parameters immediately. Included in this are the building blocks for just about any big decision, your financial allowance and also the fundamental method of the choice. By figuring out these easy and fundamental issues away from the gate, you'll have the ability to guide and hone your research better. Creating these guidelines early may also stop you from becoming overwhelmed later.

Before you decide to do anything whatsoever, set a financial budget on your own. You may make it as being liberal or conservative as you would like, but you should set some obvious limitations now. Soon you'll be searching in to the information on rings and knowing what you could easily spend could be a huge assist in guiding your choice and refining your research. Setting or keeping a financial budget beginning together with your halo cushion cut engagement rings are the easiest method to improve your odds of sticking with your financial allowance when the time comes for planning the wedding. Setting budgets may also provide your marriage an excellent foundation, because the practice can certainly enhance your lives. Just how much spent should be based upon you or together as a couple, not what advertisers would like you to invest. The concept that people spend three months price of wages on the ring is, to be honest, not necessarily practical.

Before you begin searching at styles, gemstones or other things, consider that which you know your lover already likes. If your other half  is all about silver and platinum, then don't even be worried about looking at vibrant golds or rose-tinted metals. Browse the gemstones they previously have loved, take a moment and give consideration not just to the pieces they previously own, but the products that catch their eye.

Don't limit your quest to simply rings, either. Take a look at their necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other things they put on and have stored. You'll find inspiration coming from all this to be able to find something that matches their style and can explore them.

Designing your personalized engagement ring is created simple by various apps and services provided by many people jewelers in addition to a number of websites. Generally, designing a diamond ring is often as simple or as involved as you would like so that it is. Individuals with a flair for design can control every facet of the ring, including custom settings.

However, there are lots of artists who offer amazing rings with intricate designs prepared to order immediately. Some will be ready to buy right off the shelf as they say from chain jewelers while some are made to buy with different specific design the customer chooses. They are both great options for those who desire a truly professional look, with no pressure of designing it themselves.
Finally, there's the Vintage Option. Vintage moonstone ring could be family heirlooms or something like that you discover within the secondhand market. Estate sales, auctions as well as pawn shops all can be fertile ground to locate rings in styles that merely aren't made any longer or which were initially a 1-off or special edition design. Jason Sudeikis chose classic ring when he became engaged to actress Olivia Wilde. She was quick to demonstrate the ring and it has commented about how much she enjoys it.

For those not yet engaged - Describe your dream ring in the comments below! <3